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Who We Are:
We are a non-profit organization that specializes in producing character-building resources for schools and students across the United States.

Motivate, Encourage, Good Character

Our Purpose:
We motivate and encourage students to be the best they can be by helping them develop, good character traits that will help them make good decisions on issues they face on a daily bases.

Unique Way Of Getting Students Attention

Why Use The Combat Team:
An educational challenge is to effectively communicate in a way that can hold student’s attention as well as create interest in the message. The Combat Team has learned that if you can get a person’s attention – they will listen to what you have to say. The Combat Team has a unique way of getting people’s attention as well as weaving an educational message in the presentation.

We Can Tailor A Message to Fit Your Assembly

Messages The Combat Team Offers:
Anti Drugs & Alcohol
Character Counts
Dare to Dream
Breaking Through
We Can Also Tailor a Message To Fit Your Assembly

We would love to hear from you by phone or by email to know what dates you have in mind for us to come to your school. Once we know what dates you’re looking at, we can then give you that date, or provide you with alternate dates.
Please call: 918-812-5738
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