Combat Team offers an amazing, funtastic experience like no other family-friendly fair show in the United States. Our exciting & interactive family show is skillfully produced for everyone from children to grandparents.



Kids and adults are electrified by our exciting and unique family show that uses martial arts professional athletes performing a mesmerizing presentation of high flying kicks, crushing concrete, and smashing boards that gets and holds the attention of children, parents, and grandparents at your fair. The appeal is nearly irresistible and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats while weaving a fun, interactive, educational message in the presentation.


  • Our Family Show is unique and will reach all ages, kiddos, moms, dads aunts, uncles, grandparents & friends
  • Our show is fun, exciting, and will be a memorable experience that the audience will be talking about and wanting to come back to see the next year at your fair.
  • Out family show is fun, interactive, exciting, powerful, and will compliment your fair and its mission of making fun, exciting, memories for the entire family.

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