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Roman James

Team Member • 2nd Degree Black Belt

Hi! My name is Roman James. I am 13 years old, in the 7th grade and am home schooled. I am going to tell you   my testimony. When I accepted Jesus, I was five years old, I prayed to accept Jesus into my heart and then followed his example and was baptized by my pastor one morning at church. I wanted to share Jesus with everyone in my neighborhood, but I did not want to go out of the country, like my older brother and sister were doing with the Combat Team. A year ago I had a dream that God told me that I should go around the world sharing God’s word and how he has changed my life. Now my idea of who my neighbor is has changed…it is not just the people on my street or in my town, but people everywhere!  God has given me a voice and an opportunity to be on the Combat Team and I want to travel and tell about Him! (favorite verse: Jer 31:3 And from far away the Lord appeared to His people and said, “I love you people with a love that will last forever, I became your friend because of my loving kindness.)