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Fredrick Gordon

Director & Lead Instructor of Combat Team in Belize • Blue

I am Frederick Samuel Gordon 3rd, I am 29 years old  currently a blue belt in Martial arts. Happily married to my wife Shakira with 2 children ( Jayden and Jayda ages 2 and 5. Currently I am the Pator of New Life Aseembly of God in Belize City Belize. By profession I am a Corporal of Police. I also go by the my Gospel Artist name “Faithful Warrior”My life by itself is a miracle, had a lot of complications at birth , my mom stated that if further treatment was not done I would not be a live today. Interestingly I was taken to the U.C.L.A. Medical Center U.S.A. and on the 15th of February 1990 I was born in L.A. Surgery on my head had to be done. I had to be brought back an forth to the hospital to do regular check ups due to cardiac issues and was diagnosed with brown chieties. At the age of 4 and a half my left leg got ran over while walking on the side of the road near our house. I had a cast on my entire leg for six months. While attending Primary school at the age 6 my mom and dad divorced due to domestic and other issues. When I was ten I was beaten up by some of my classmates and started vomiting different colors and having severe pains. When I was taken to the doctor that my appendix was ruptured and had to do immediate surgery. This developed in me among other things anger and unforgiveness. I always had a passion to be active in sports and extra-curricular activities that was my vent , however something was still missing that I felt inside. At age 14 while on a police cadet sports camp a junior instructor at the time led me to the Lord. However because of no discipleship, I struggled in high school with a lot of issues. At the age 16 dropped out of High School. I started to work part time, got into the party life and smoked, drank, and started sleeping around, and I could go on but still felt an empty. Then at age 18 I decided to go back to school. And a month after I ended up rededicating my life to Jesus Christ. I graduated at age 20. I must admit I struggled for the first three and a half years to understand this new life in Christ! God gave me favor and I was married in 2012. Since then God has been doing amazing things in my life. I have been learning karate and self- defense with the Combat Team for the past 2 years. My vision for Belize is for people to come to know Christ, through strategy, and network building. If my life could be Changed by Jesus Christ then so can yours.

Be Transformed: Frederick Gordon Jr