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Ashley Wilcox

Lead Instructor of Nashville, Tn. • Brown Adv.

Lead Instructor of Nashville Tn.

Ashley is a young twenty-something year old living near Nashville, TN. She is an elementary teacher at Robson Academy – a small, faith-based school providing trauma sensitive care to students needing individualized education. After achieving bachelor’s degrees in Theology and Spanish, Ashley attended 2 years of ministry school in Tennessee. She has a heart to minister around the world leading people deeper into the fullness of Christ’s freedom. In her words, “Just put me on a plane to anywhere.”

As a child living in Knoxville, she studied Tae Kwon Do under Mr. James Rich where she received her 2nd degree black belt. Although she had not done martial arts for over 15 years, Ashley caught our attention in 2021 during a Combat Team demonstration at her school. After observing her love for the students and martial arts experience, we recruited her to lead a Combat Team after-school program at Robson Academy.

Ashley is currently retraining under our program to achieve her black belt in Tang Soo Do. Within the next year, she hopes to get her black belt, guide her first students up to green belt, and serve on more international ministry trips.