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Thinking Outside The Box ” Go into all the world and preach the Gospel

Kidzmatter Magazine Article

Thinking outside the Box “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel “

God is an outside  the box thinker! Always has been, Always will be

I will be sharing with you more about our unique ministry The Combat Team A Christian Martial Arts Evangelistic Demonstration Team.


People always ask me why use the martial arts in ministry? I have always been interested in karate from a young age and even before I became a Christian. I started Boxing when I was 14 yrs. old, and then trained Taekwondo when I was 23 years old and got into Aikijujutsu when I was 27 years old.


The main reason I started using Martial Arts to share the Gospel is God told me too.

I didn’t start my relationship with God until I was 33 years old. One day I was praying and God spoke to my heart and shared with me that he wanted me to start a Christian karate team that would go across the United States and around the world using martial arts as a platform to share the Gospel. At first I didn’t understand how that would happen as I had never been outside the country except once for a vacation. And I thought how can this be, then about a year later I heard the Power Team would be in town and I felt the Lord leading me to go to this meeting. As I was sitting and watching these big men do incredible feats. God spoke to me and said this is similar to what you will be doing only using Martial arts.


As I was watching, I was amazed at how everyone was excited about these big guys doing all these cool feats of strengths. And how these guys were pointing to Jesus and what he has done in their lives.. And how many people were coming to Christ and excited about Christ. And that excited me and confirmed what God’s plan was for my  life.


See Kids love martial arts both the young and the young at heart. I have been sharing Jesus using the martial arts for over 20 years and in over 50 countries around the world . It is funny how God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Wherever we go in the United States, or around the world people will come out of the woodwork to see a karate demonstration. It doesn’t matter if we are in a church, park, prison, outreach, schools, chapel services, or street corner. Kids are fascinated with the martial arts because they see martial arts on TV (Walker Texas Ranger) or at the movies (Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles) Or have taken karate classes or have seen it on Youtube or other forms of media. Martial Arts is well recognized around the world and exciting to see ordinary men doing extraordinary things such as smashing stacks of wood or crushing walls of concrete with their bare hands and feet, and jumping, spinning & high flying kicks.


When we do karate demonstrations it is not just about wooing the crowd and getting them excited. It is using the excitement to teach spiritual principals and sharing our testimonies and the love of Christ with our audience. One of the Christ centered messages we use are getting through our problem’s in life. Jesus said we would have problems in this life. but he also said he would help us overcome those problems if we trusted him. We like to use the analogy of breaking through a piece of wood representing a small problem, or a stack of wood representing a big problem, or stack of concrete representing a hugh problem. God never told us to ignore the problem he told us to trust in him and to stay focused on him to help us through the problem. Another message we like to use is sharing the Letters of the Combat. And what they mean.

C- confidence knowing what Jesus did on the cross for us and a relationship with him.

O- obedience not only being obedient to God and his word but being obedient to all those in authority and especially our parents and honoring them. As this is the first commandment with a promise from God that we would live a long life and be prosperous.

M- making good decisions and the best decision you can make is giving your heart to Jesus

B- benevolence treating others the way you want to be treated and how God wants us to treat others that way

A-attitude by having a good and grateful attitude will change things around you for the good.

T-teamwork by becoming a Child of God you are part of God team his family. And God wants us to work as a team to help others.


These are just a few messages that we like to weave inside our presentation. Then at the end of our presentation we will give our testimony of what God has done in our life and what he can do in their life. The testimony that I use is about my name Brian Bryan and how I got my name. Here is how it goes. When I was 5 yrs. old my mom and dad  got divorced and my dad dessertted my family. My name was Brian Bowers. When I was 14  yrs old my mom remarried a man named David Bryan and he wanted to adopt me. See when someone adopts you they promise to do certain things for you. One is to give you their last name which makes you part of their family, Two is they promise to take care of all your needs and to help you with all your problems. Three they promise to love you as their very own child. One day I was praying and God spoke to my heart and he asked me some questions? He said do you remember when you were adopted by your step dad and I said yes it was a good day in my life. Then he said do you remember when you accepted Jesus in your life and I said yes it was a great day in my life. And God said when you ask Jesus in your life I adopt you into my family in heaven like your step dad adopted you into his family on earth. Then God explained how my dad on earth promised to take care of all my needs and help me through all my problems. God also promised to take care of all  my needs and help me through all my problems forever. And how my dad promised to love me as his own child. God loved me so much that he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for me so I could be adopted into his family.  


This is how we end our presentation. Always pointing to Jesus the way, the truth and the life.


Jesus said if you would follow him he would make you fishers of men. You have to have bait to get the fish to bite. And we use martial arts demonstrations as the bait. And that gives us a way to share the real message with them. It is not about the martial arts, it is about the message of Jesus Christ.


I want to encourage you to think outside the box and use whatever is in your hand to teach and reach kids for Christ.

What I mean is to use your gifts and talents, and testimony  that God has given you to go and share with a lost and dying world.


Jesus never said to wait for them to come to you. He said go into all the world and preach and teach the Gospel to every creature.


Bio Brian Bryan: Founder/President of Combat Team Ministry and Combat Zone Karate Schools LLC, 54 years old, Married to Beverly Bryan, 6 children, 1 grandchild, and a lover of Jesus

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When doing school events, how do you transition to talking about the Lord?

How do you relate different martial arts feats to spiritual concepts?

Why do the kids listen so intently and take to heart what you’re saying?

What kind of response do you get?

Tell some stories of kids and their comments/life change.

How do you follow up on commitments made at your events?

How do you and your team prepare and stay fresh for each event?

How has The Combat Team changed since its beginning?


Through this article, I hope that our readers will take off some blinders and examine what they have available that could be used to fascinate kids in order to introduce them to Jesus. We want to get them away from thinking only about curriculum and what to do when a new family shows up at church.


Some of the details that may help you in your consideration:

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Due Date:  July 15, 2015

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