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Combat Team Outreach


The Combat Team not only provides unique and, exciting karate demonstrations to reach the lost for Christ, but we believe in the imparting of discipleship. Jesus said to go and share the gospel and to make disciples.

Karate/Taekwondo  training offers many benefits both physically  & mentally. It develops self-confidence, self-control, proper attitude, discipline, respect, coordination, balance, physical fitness, benevolence, and many other Christian attributes.

These attributes balanced with Biblical truths is a win win situation in discipleship and a continuing outreach to a community

The Combat Team has teamed up with other churches and Christian organizations to start Christian Karate Schools across the United States and around the world.

We currently have Combat Team Karate Schools in:

If you are interested in starting a Combat Team Karate School at your church or organization please call Mr. Bryan at 918-812-5738 or contact us on our web page or FB.

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