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5 Stages of a Man’s Life (#5 Sage)

Jewish People Believe There Are 5 Stages to A Person’s Life. In Fulling Gods Purpose and Plan for Your Life. 

Which Stage are you in?

Five Main Stages

*Child * Warrior *Wounded Warrior *Teacher *Sage

Sage Stage – The definition of a sage is:

  1. Wise through refection and experience. 
  2. Or proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment.
  3. One (such as a profound philosopher) distinguished for wisdom
  4. A mature or venerable person of sound judgement

 A Sage is an interesting stage in life.  I am not saying I have arrived here, but rather I’m still growing and living as the Lord continues to use life experiences to refine me. I have walked with the Lord for nearly 30 years during which I have experienced many ups and downs, battles, victories, and disappointments. Some of these problems, battles, and disappointments have been caused by me, others, spiritual warfare with Satan, or sometimes is chalked up to just life. But as I look back and reflect on my life, I realize that the Lord has been with me through all these times. I have many scars both inside and out. I used to look back and get mad at myself or others for doing stupid things that led to these scars. But I know I have lived and continue to live a great life despite these things because of what Jesus did for me on that cross. Through His actions, I can have a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who cares about all those scars, all the brokenness, and all the battles. The Japanese believe that each time that a cup is broken, it becomes more valuable and more honorable as they put it back together again. I believe that God fills himself within our broken parts as He makes us stronger through Him and more beautiful to Him as we experience life through him. He is continually refining us.

I remember one time when Oral Roberts was preaching in the ORU gymnasium. I took out a notebook and piece of paper and I started writing all this man was saying about his life experiences with the Lord. My wife asked me what I was doing. I said, “When a General speaks I listen and want to know what he has to say. I want to learn from his wisdom, knowledge, understanding, maturity, prudence, and both good and bad judgement. I want to know how he was broken and how the Lord put him back together again.” People who have well lived a lot of life in the Lord…. these people are Sages.  It is prudent and wise to find and listen to what they have to say. Look for those people that are older spiritually than you and find out what they have to say. Listen to their stories and learn from them. Glean from them. Proverbs 24:6 says, “For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.” God didn’t mean for us to fight our battles alone so lean into those with experience…. lean into the Sages around you.


Brian Bryan 

CEO Combat Team Ministry