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5 Stages Of A Man’s Life (# 4 Teacher)

Jewish People Believe There Are 5 Stages to A Person’s Life. In Fulling Gods Purpose and Plan for Your Life.

Which Stage are you in?

5 main Stages


Teacher Stage – I have been teaching martial arts for over 35 years. Did you know that a teacher has more impact and influence on more people in one year than a lay person does in a lifetime? I believe that God wants us to enter this stage to impact others for His kingdom.

I remember when God called me to start after school karate programs for kids in public, private, and Christian schools over 25 years ago. God said I want you to go into public, private, and Christian schools and start teaching kids in kindergarten and elementary schools martial arts. At that time, I would not teach any kids if they were not disciplined. On top of that at that point in my life I did not really like kids or teaching kids AT ALL. God told me I want you to do two things before and after class. He said I want you to pray if you can with the kids, before class. He said you are under the school’s authority and if they say you can’t pray then you do what they say. The second thing that I want you to do after each class is to give every student a high five and a hug. I asked God why because I really didn’t like kids or even teaching them. He said the reason I am asking you to give every kid a high five and a hug is a lot of them are not getting this at home.

What I did not realize is that God was using a double edge sword on me. I saw that the high five and hugs were really working and having an impact on the kiddos. They loved getting high fives and hugs. But what I did not realize was God was working on my heart also. As I was giving high fives and hug’s, he was softening my heart toward the kids. It was amazing what God was doing in my heart. Now I absolutely love teaching kids (now this did not happen overnight).  Before I was all about the discipline and not love. What God taught me was to use both love and discipline because they go hand in hand. Prov. 3:2 says, “For whom the Lord loveth he corrects: Even as a father the son in whom he delights”.

Sometimes we think we could never be teachers. But when you are ready to enter this stage, God will give you the opportunity to be a teacher.

Also remember in this stage, as in all the other stages, there are stages inside the 5 main stages. The next stage is teacher of teachers.


Brian Bryan

CEO Combat Team Ministry