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David Murry

Team Leader Edurec Center Tulsa, OK. • 2nd Degree Black Belt

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior; it is by his blood and sacrifice that I have been able to love other people and have been able to accomplish what I have in life. I hold a 2nd degree black belt in American Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo and an orange belt in Aiki Jujitsu. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors degree in Business Computer Information Systems in May of 1994. I have Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I am married to my beautiful wife, Dawn, and have two wonderful Christ-filled children; Joshua and Sage. It is such an honor to get to serve God by being a member of the Combat Team. For the first 20 years of my Christian walk, I always thought it was just my place to earn money to give to missionaries, but now I have the privilege to travel the world sharing my testimony and telling people how much God loves them. I owe all my success to God. He is the source of my strength, power, and love.

My Testimony

I am from a broken family. I grew up in Texas, constantly moving from one location to the next. My mother had 7 husbands and countless number of boyfriends, none of which was my father. You see, my mother was busy chasing the materialistic thinks in life; a big house, nice cars, jewelry, and fancy clothing, so when she was not working to make more money, she was looking for a rich husband. That left her children having to take care of themselves. When I was a child, that made me very sad. You see, I thought there was something wrong with me, I thought it was my fault that my mother was never around. When I got older, my sadness turned to anger and I became rebellious, so my mother threw me out of the house. Six months later, my mother tried to commit suicide, so I went to visit her in the hospital. When I was there, my sister took pity on me. I had gone from weighing 156 pounds to 115 pounds, so she asked me to come and stay with her. The good news is my sister had recently given her life to Christ, so out of respect for her, I started going to Church. Often times, they would talk about how the Love of God was like the love of a father, and when I heard that, I would get angry all over again. You see, I never knew the love of a father. Then one day an Evangelist, like Brian Bryan the CEO of the Combat Team, came to my church. He shared with me how God wanted to be my friend and that I did not have to wait to go to church to talk to him. God wanted me to talk to him just as I would a best friend. He told me that God loves me and that God would never leave me nor would he ever forsake me. That sounded very good to me, so I gave my life to Jesus. That was more than 20 years ago and I can tell you God has never forsaken me nor has he ever left me. Now I still get sad and angry, but now I have a best friend. I do not have to go through my problems alone. It is my wish and prayer for each one of you that you would know Jesus as your best friend just as I have. There is POWER in the LOVE of Christ and he will change your life if you give your heart to him.