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Brandin Stowers

Team Member • 2nd Degree Black Belt

My name is Brandin N Stowers I’m eighteen years old. I am a second dan black belt and I’ve been taking tea-Kwan-do for about five years. I’ve been on the combat team for about four years. I’m the second of four children and I’ve been home schooled pretty much my whole life. I was born and raised in Tulsa O.K. And had never really been out of state before I got on the combat team.
One day about a year ago when I had just gotten home from a long and hard karate class and I was exhausted. I wasn’t really hungry for dinner so I went straight to bed. About thirty minutes later my sister came into the room to remind me that it was my turn to make dinner and found me sleeping. she decided to pull me out of bed to wake me up so she grabbed me by my arm and began to pull I woke up from hearing a loud pop and feeling an immense pain in my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw my arm popped out of socket and laying in a weird position. I grabbed my arm and popped it back into socket but I still couldn’t feel it or move it so my mom took me to the hospital and they said that I severed a nerve and that it would take up to a year to heal entirely. I’m a martial artist if I can’t use my right arm that means I can’t do Tae-Kwan-do and that meant my martial arts career was pretty much over before it had even begun. For the next few days I stayed around the house not really doing anything but taking a medicine the doctor had prescribed called flexirelle it made me very drowsy and so I slept most of the day then after about a week my mom laid hands on me and prayed over me and sent me back to bed when I woke up I had full feeling and range of motion. God completely healed me and now my right arm is my strong arm.