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Team Building

Do You Need to Motivate and Inspire your group?

Are you looking for a presentation that will inspire, motivate, encourage, and challenge your team to be the best?

The Combat Team can do that for you and your team!

As Martial Arts Professionals, we have the ability to capture the attention your team with our high flying kicks, crushing concrete, smashing boards, and awesome displays of strength and power.

We deliver and weave a clear and powerful message of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, in our presentation.

We effectively communicate the importance of being a team player, being the best you can be, not giving up, helping others, being honest, being a person of integrity.

When planning your next meeting, consider The Combat Team for something unique, dynamic, and exciting. That will keep your team on the edge of their seat. And Make a huge impact on your staff. That will inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge them toward their personal and your company’s best. .

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The Combat Team is available for a multitude of events:

Staff Meetings, Team Retreats, Corporate Business Meetings, Business and Motivation Seminars

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The Combat Team is a Christian Martial Arts Demonstration Team, comprised of a group of young men and women who use their athletic talents as a tool to reach and teach the young, and young at heart, about the Lord and help them live a Victorious Christian Life. The Combat Team is available for a multitude of ministry functions such as Sunday School, Youth & Children's Church, Vacation Bible School, Day and Summer Camps, Revival, School Demonstrations, Children & Youth Meetings and special events, to name a few. The Combat Team combines an attention holding martial arts demonstration of smashing boards, crushing conrete and high flying kicks with a dramatic presentation of victory over evil to deliver a message of salvation and victory in an age of conflict and uncertainty.

One Dream, One Vision • Reaching The World For Christ

The Combat Team • Brian Bryan • P.O. Box 54515 • Tulsa, OK. 74155